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Scikraft is a space for designing and developing innovative teaching and learning solutions in Science Education. The mission is to engage and empower educators worldwide with novel ways to teach and learn science. Scikraft's designers work rigorously to innovate and design products that intuitively connect modern technology with students and teachers alike.

Scikraft believes in pedagogy-driven technology solutions in classrooms and learning spaces. Fuelled by passion, teams of professionals at Scikraft strive to innovate and enable technology-based solutions for experiential learning of science, serving educators and students.

Scikraft intends to transform classrooms into smart learning spaces.


Enhance scientific thinking ability in students through a smart interface of pedagogy and technology in schools, college science learning.

  • Enable the complete life cycle of science learning by design and development of pedagogy backed smart lab equipment and tools.
  • To devise science learning strategies and design interactive learning platforms for enhanced learning experiences.
  • To research in the field of education technology and contribute effectively.
  • Deep passion, commitment in the field of science education.
  • Curiosity-driven, ingenious thinking.
  • Build innovative, efficient learning solutions.
  • Trust, Partnership with professionals, institutions.

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